Dance Life


National Dance Day 2012

As a dancer, I’ve always watched the T.V. show So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. In the past couple years, the producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe created National Dance Day. …(read more)


Randy Jackson’s t.v. show America’s Best Dance Crew is beginning to live up to that standard of reality television. I’ve never really noticed in previous seasons how staged the show is but this year it’s annoyingly obvious…(read more)

How to Become a Dancer

Let’s start off with why you want to be a dancer. Do you think it’s pretty, graceful, elegant, and glamorous. Or are you more of the hip hop type, the urban feel, do whatever you want, your way or the high way attitude, just going in and killing it…(read more)

The Power of The Dance

In the beginning, Boomkat walked the Earth alone and in silence. He journeyed to many different places, and along the way he made little trinkets for his amusement. He made wind to keep him cool…(read more)

One Syllable

Dancing is not just how you move; it is a show of your soul. I wish they could know that so they would not think but just feel. Dance can say more than words ever could. We dance for life, we dance for death, but all that should be seen is the dance not the step…(read more)

My Conundrum

I hate my body. I love my body. And that is just so frustrating! I hate my body because I get hurt so much because I’m so flexible in my joints, tendons, and ligaments. I love my body because it is so flexible and it allows me to make beautiful images…(read more)

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