Review Policy

Note to authors, publishers, and/or agents:

  • I would love to receive requests for me to review your novels.
  • If you do decided to send me your novel for a review, please be patient. I already have a list of books I am reading and reviewing but I promise I will get to your book in a timely fashion.
  • At the moment I can only receive hard copies or documents that can be formatted for a Kindle.
  • The genre’s I’m interested in reading include the following but are not limited to: Young Adult, Fiction, paranormal, dystopia, science fiction, contemporary romance, historical fiction, adventure, fantasy and supernatural.
  • If you offer a book for review you do so knowing that I will judge the book fairly and how I see fit. If I disliked the novel I will respectfully share my honest opinion. My opinion of the novel is in no way altered by who the author, editor, or publisher is or by the manner in which I received the book.
  • I post my reviews not only on my blog, but also on Goodreads and Amazon.
  • If you have any questions or would like me to review a novel the best way to contact me is via email (sklimchock(at)hotmail(dot)com). Please put “Review Request” as the subject header so that I may more easily distinguish your email from junk mail.
  • When completing my review I will disclose that I received the book from the author/publisher/editor or that I was asked to review this book.

Thank you for considering me to review your novels. I truly appreciate this opportunity and promise to respect and judge the book adequately.

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