Rating System

This is the first rating, receiving a rating of only 1/2 of a nerd glasses. This would be applied to books that I couldn’t get myself to finish.  I felt like a rating of zero was too harsh, because let’s be honest, every person isn’t going to like every book. Which is why I added in the quote, “But hey, you might.” 

eh couldn't fnish it half nerd glasses

This rating pains me. You know the feeling. You’ve been waiting for x amount of months for this book to be released. You finally get a chance to read it and: it sucked, you hated it, it was boring, your favorite characters die, what was the author thinking? This rating applies to books I lost faith in after reading. It receives the lowest rating I will give to a book if I was able to complete it. 2 nerd glasses. 

disappointed, didn't live up to the hype. two nerd glasses

I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be to this rating. This rating of 3 nerd glasses would go to a book that I enjoyed reading. I liked the characters, liked the plot, I liked the book, but I probably won’t read it again. Some books are only meant to be read once…right?

I liked it but...three nerd glasses

This rating warms my heart and empties my wallet! A rating of 4 nerd glasses means if I have the financial ability to buy the book I will, IMMEDIATELY! It’s a book I plan on reading again and again and a book I just can’t live without. I love nothing more than finding a special place on my bookshelf for new books, like welcoming home new lifelong friends. 

I loved it. four nerd glasses

Ah, at last. The coveted 5 nerd glasses rating. I created this rating last night after reading Under The Never Sky. I was absolutely blown away by that book and kept asking myself: “What just happened” and repeating “It was AMAZING!”. I then stayed up for another hour reading countless other reviews from different bloggers on the same book. I just couldn’t get enough! This rating is reserved for books I’m obsessed with, books that left me breathless, and books that left me dying for more. 

what just happened five nerd glasses


Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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