About Me

My name is Sasha, but my friends call me Miss Fierce.

20140620_141218I started writing in 3rd Grade when I took my first FCAT exam and I haven’t found a way to stop the flow of ideas ever since. I need to write like I need to breathe. Writing is my release and through my writing I’ve discovered pieces of my true self. 3rd grade was a big year for me because that’s when I started reading and discovered a new obsession/hobby/passion. 3rd grade was the year I was introduced to Harry Potter and my life was forever changed, but more on that later.

I’m a self proclaimed nerd, and if you saw my room you’d understand. I have book posters and movie posters and a bookshelf full of books and memorabilia and other little treasures that are close to my heart. My bookshelf might very well be the most important part of my room and I find myself gravitating towards it on more than one occasion.

My second love, which came before my love of reading and writing is dancing. Above all else, dancing is the only thing in this world that can make me feel every emotion at once. My body and dancing have a love hate relationship while my soul and dancing are two halves to a whole. My body has certain weaknesses that make me a better dance but it also means I’m more likely to get injured, and boy have I gotten injured over the years.

I’m entering a new chapter in my life and trying to make positive changes during this summer, and writing more was on my list as well as many other things. I hope to keep up with this blog and write about my life experiences, the books I’m reading, the people I meet, the challenges I face and overcome, and I hope by writing this I’ll learn a little bit more about myself.

-Sasha aka Miss Fierce


Side Note: I can get pretty bored with things, my hair, my room, colors, and so on. This blog is no different and I’ll probably change the theme and background to this blog regularly, or every so many months. I hope that won’t annoy anyone and that you’ll appreciate a fresh new look every now and then. =]

5 responses to “About Me

  1. Ha – you sound like my kinda person. I have changed my theme already and have only been blogging for a week.

    Hair colour like every 2 months.

    Great blog by the by.

    • I’m sorry I’m replying so late (I just found this comment) but thank you so much! I definitely accept and will make a post about who I nominate within the next few days. =D

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