No Posts This Weekend (Besides This One)

Hey guys! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve tried really hard to put up at least ONE review each weekend and lately I’ve been able to put up two or three. Unfortunately this weekend, there won’t be any posts. =/ Sad face.

Here’s why:

–>1 midterm paper, 1 midterm exam, 1 spanish exam, 1 spanish presentation/project, 2 books to read and finish (for class)

–> Sunday I’m attending the No Excuses Dance Convention featuring MosWantedCrew (check them out on youtube they’re freaking amazing) and will be dancing literally all day

The good news is I’m hoping to take lots of pictures of me and my friends and MosWanted as well as many, many, many videos. Those will be posted next weekend (I think…).

By then I should have completed my two novels for school and will be posting those reviews. So even though there isn’t anything exciting to share with you this weekend, you’ll have a lot of posts to look forward to next weekend!

I hope you all had a great week and a very Happy Valentine’s Day! And as always Happy Reading

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