Series Evaluation: Across the Universe By Beth Revis


Across The Universe Series

Across The Universe (#1), A Million Suns (#2), Shades Of Earth (#3)

By Beth Revis

.:Favorite Book:.

When I read a series I pretty much always have an instant favorite book. But for this series I like each book individually for so many different reasons. If I force myself to pick a favorite I think it would have to be Shades of Earth simply because of the growth of the characters, the world, the suspense, and Beth Revis’ writing as a whole.

I was blown away by the imagination and detail put into this world and this book and it felt stronger than the others. I think being able to write about exploring a new earth while still being able to describe space travel really opened up a lot of great opportunities for Beth and her writing to expand with the enormity of the space she was given.

.:Favorite Character(s):.

My favorite character may surprise some people since *spoiler alert* he gets killed off right in the beginning. My favorite character is Harley, the boy who paints the koi fish for Amy and the stars. He was such a hug-able character and the definition of a true friend. He was troubled and imperfect, but that’s what made him perfect. His relationship with Amy and Elder as well as some of the other characters was endearing and I felt like I would easily open up to Harley if he was real and I ever bumped into him on the street one day.

.:Overall Rating:.

I like to tell everyone this because I feel incredibly lucky. I discovered this book completely on accident and I only bought it because I fell obsessively in love with the cover of Across The Universe. I knew it was a sci-fi space travel sort of thing and really didn’t know if I would like it but I knew I had to have that beautiful book on my shelves.

Lucky for me, that beautiful book has become a part of one of my favorite series of all time. It was something I probably would not have picked up, but once I did it rocked my world. I’m so glad I discovered these gems as well as their creator Beth Revis. If you haven’t read them already, do it. Now. What the frex are you waiting for? (hehe see what I did there?)

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7 responses to “Series Evaluation: Across the Universe By Beth Revis

  1. I just finished Shades of Earth yesterday – very exciting! Revis does a great job of creating these super intense endings – in both “Shades” and “Across,” for the last third of the book I couldn’t put it down. Great series!

    • She really does! I can’t wait to read what she writes next and to get a chance to reread the series in a span of a few days instead of months apart. =] What are you going to read next?

      • I haven’t decided. My sister lent me the entire “Matched” series, so I might read them all back-to-back (love doing that!), but I also have a few other books loaded on my kindle I might check out first, like “Anna and the French Kiss.” I don’t normally read much Contemporary, but I’m trying to branch out. 😉

      • Yes! I have those books on my TBR. I just finished Gates of Paradise by Melissa De La Cruz and I’m thinking I might read The Hobbit next.

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    • Interesting choice. That book definitely had a lot of suspense and build up to it. I love when I discover things like this on accident. Actually, I just like discovering good books, accidentally or on purpose.

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