Sporadic Book Haul #9


This might just be the most exciting book haul I ever do.

I did things a little backwards this week and posted a review before the book haul (it just couldn’t wait once I finished the book!). Anyways, I’m going to get myself back and track now.

Once I finish a book I’ll add a link to the review. Try clicking on the book covers to see if there is a review available.

Through The Ever Night By Veronica Rossi

Through The Ever Night

As you will have seen, I’ve already posted the review of this book and I absolutely loved it! I’m so immensely happy I found Veronica Rossi in my local library one day and I’m pretty sure I’ll be a fan for life.

Next, I have some even more exciting news! In honor of Beth Revis’ book Shades of Earth being released January 15, she held a contest of sorts on her blog for people who pre-ordered the book to receive her autograph and a few bookmarks. By a brilliant stroke of luck, I received my Beth-afied envelop yesterday in the mail! Here’s a quick look at what I got…

Beth Revis StampIsn’t her stamp just the cutest!

Beth Revis Signature

Ahhhhh!!!! Fan girl moment!

bookmarks from Beth RevisAnd of course, an Across The Universe bookmark and a Bringing YA To You bookmark.

Thank you sooooooo much for sending me these wonderful gifts! I know I’ll find the perfect place for them on my bookshelf. =D

I’m sure you’re thinking that this book haul is officially over, what could possibly be better than Beth Revis goodies?

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have reluctantly but excitedly decided to join the realm of e-readers. That’s right. I got a Kindle!

My Kindle

I’m so excited and have been playing with my new toy…I mean reading device…all day! I wasted no time and got a few of the novella’s I’ve been dying to read but couldn’t, because they were only available on e-readers, and I navigated my way through the 100 Free Kindle books and found a few little gems I think I’ll enjoy. I’m admitting now that I have NO idea when I’ll get to these books. My semester is in full swing and I already have to have two novels read for school (reviews of these books will be posted).

Once I finish a book I’ll add a link to the review. Try clicking on the book covers to see if there is a review available.

*The book cover images can be found on Goodreads.

Roar and Liv By Veronica Rossi

Roar and Liv

As They Slip Away By Beth Revis

As They Slip Away

The Iron Butterfly By Chanda Hahn

The Iron Butterfly

Les Miserables By Victor Hugo

Les Miserables

As you can see, my obsessions with Beth Revis and Veronica Rossi are hard to tame, so I’ve given up and given in and got their novella’s.

As They Slip Away is available for free. You can find it on Beth Revis’ blog by clicking here.

I also got The Iron Butterfly and Les Miserables for free from the 100 Free Kindle Books list on Amazon (yay free books!). It’s probably going to be a loooong while before I attempt to read and finish Les Mis but I’ll try and read it before 2014. That’s fair right?

Phew, this is probably one of my favorite Sporadic Book Hauls to date! I’m so so so excited to have my new and lovely kindle, and to have the opportunity to read more amazing books, expand my reviews and genres, all while managing my budget.

I will be having another book  haul next weekend, what with the release of two amazing books coming out this Tuesday 1/15.

As always, Happy Reading!

9 responses to “Sporadic Book Haul #9

    • I swore I’d never get one after I watched my favorite bookstore, Borders go out of business because of e-readers. But at this point, I got it more out of necessity. I’m an English Lit major so I have to read upwards of 6-8 novels per class, and that’s just too many to keep track of in my room. It’s also helpful that the prices are somewhat lower than if you were buying a newly released paperback or hardcover version of the book. I think it’s definitely worth looking into.

      • I read English Lit at Uni x I kept most of my books and most of what I’ve gathered since (moving became a nightmare). I had an enormous sort-out a while ago and I’ve promised myself if I buy a new book I HAVE to give one away (unless it’s a much loved classic and definite re-read).
        An e-reader would be a very handy way to get around my own rule 😉
        I suppose I could take it to the library just to get that “book smell” :/

      • I only give away my books if I know I’m never going to read it again…and that’s pretty rare. I’m the same with with my e-reader. I’m only getting books on it that I’m not sure I would like and I probably wouldn’t read again. They definitely come in handy in terms of space. =]

  1. Indeed a fantastic book haul! I’m excited for Through the Ever Night (especially after reading your review) but I’ll have to wait until its available at my local library. Congratulations on your Kindle too – I have one and they’re so useful for traveling.

    • Oh gosh I can’t wait for you to read TTEN! At least you won’t have to wait as long for Into the Still Blue! I’m so excited to start using my kindle but the most traveling I do is too and from school. lol =]

  2. I have read Chanda Hahn. Before her unfourtunate Fairytale series. She’s pretty good. So I can’t wait for ur review or her to see if we feel the same about her writing. Also I think you would enjoy the insight series by jamie Magee. The first book is free on kindle. Check it out and tell me what uu think.

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