Book Haul: School Edition Part 2

At last! I finally have all of my books/textbooks for this semester. This is going to be a really quick rap up, since I only got two more books, so let’s get to it!

school ed part 2

My War: Killing Time In Iraq By Colby Buzzell *Review now available by clicking the title.*

The Heath Anthology of American Literature Volume A&B By Paul Lauter

You may have noticed I’ll be reading a lot of books about war and I would like to point out that these books do not necessarily reflect my views on war or politics and that they were picked by my Professors to be studied. I am an English Lit major after all.

I also got my Spanish textbook, but it’s not very interesting so I decided not to put it on the haul. It’s also a custom edition from my school so you can’t just order it anywhere, blah blah blah boring information.

Back to the good stuff! I will have ANOTHER haul (a regular one) coming tomorrow and yet another haul sometime next week. I’m so excited about tomorrow’s haul. Big things are happening for me and my little blog and I’m excited to share my announcement/haul with you all. Points for rhyming!

Until next time Happy Reading!


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