Reading Challenges for 2013

This year I’ve decided to branch out and be a little more proactive about my reading accomplishments. I found out last year that simply having a numbered goal wasn’t enough of a commitment to get me reading as much as I could have been.

Honestly, I was apprehensive to join a real reading challenge hosted by other bloggers. I didn’t know what it entailed and I was nervous to put myself out there and sign up for something. I decided to start off slow, and join the Debut Author Challenge 2013.

I also entered my pledge to Goodreads for their 2013 Reading Challenge. This year I only committed to 50 books and think that this will be an attainable goal.

If you are interested in joining these challenges or learning more about them simply click on the images below.

goodreads 2013 reading challenge

debut author challenge 2013

*Goodreads image source:


*DAC 2013 Button source: Hobbitsies a book blog

5 responses to “Reading Challenges for 2013

  1. Good luck with your challenges! 50 shouldn’t be too bad, I’m sure you’ll accomplish it at the rate you’re reading and reviewing.

    • Yes! Thanks for the encouragement. I think it will help me branch out and talk to people I normally wouldn’t and read books I’d skip over until other people read and reviewed them first. What reading challenges are you planning on doing this year?

  2. I managed to read 110 books last year but I set my self a smaller goal of 75 this year so that I could actually spend time with my family and friends! You can definitely do 50!! Good luck 🙂

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