Bringing YA to You!

Recently I’ve been doing a decent amount of research on book tours in my area. I’m sad to report back that the world seems to have forgotten that Florida does in fact exist. We haven’t fallen off into the ocean yet people!

As I was saying…I’ve been visiting many of my favorite authors blogs or websites, trying to find out if and when they’d come to a city near me. I was checking Beth Revis’ site, author of the Across The Universe series, when I stumbled upon a new project she’s working on with four other Young Adult authors.

They’ve created a project called Bringing YA to You or YA2U.


There are two different contests and two ways to enter. The first contest is to get the authors to make a stop on their tour in a city near you. You fill out a form, listing the city you want to be chosen, and which ever city gets the most votes will get a visit from these lovely authors.

Who are the authors? Well I’m glad you asked. Recognize any of these?

ya2u books

I thought you might.

Beth Revis author of: Across the Universe, A Million Suns, andShades of Earth

Marie Lu author of: Legend and Prodigy

Marissa Meyer author of: Cinder and Scarlet

Victoria Schwab author of: The Near Witch and The Archived

Megan Sheperd author of: The Madman’s Daughter

The second part of the contest involves the books pictured above. If you win, you’ll receive a signed copy of all TEN books!

How can you enter? Simply click this link

—> Bringing YA to You Contest Entry <—

and you’ll be able to enter to win a book tour spot in your city and a chance to win 10 signed copies of the books.

Want to know more about the contest? Bringing YA to You has it’s own blog with fun and exciting new details and in the future, updates on the winning location and book tour events. You can read more about the contest before you enter by clicking here.

I wish everyone the best of luck on the contest, and may the best city win! 😉

*The images featured above were found originally on the Bringing YA to You blog*

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