An Avenger Take Over!

nerdtastic wednesday


Hello fellow nerdy friends! It’s been a long time! Dust off your nerd glasses and get ready for another edition of Nerdtastic Wednesday!

Realistically, I’m not going to have a post EVERY Wednesday, but whenever I find something especially awesome, I’ll definitely share it with you.

This weeks nerdom is brought to us by Google Chrome, oh how I love thee. For those of you who use Google Chrome, I’m sure you’re aware of the different themes and backgrounds you can choose for your viewing pleasure. For the longest time, I’d had a beautiful pictures of purple wildflowers as my background. Then today I decided, meh, no more flowers.

While browsing through the options, I came across a spectacularly nerdy discovery.

computer avengers

Oh yeah. The Avengers are taking over my laptop! Not only that, but they protect my precious pens and pencils too! Check it this Avengers cup I got from Target for $0.50

avengers cup


I hope you guys liked The Avengers as much as I did. Did you know that the latest rumor going around is that there’s going to be an Avengers 2 released some time in 2015? Cross your fingers! And May The Nerd Be With You. 


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