The Wait Is Finally Over!

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Followers, Friends and Family,

My blog has remained inactive for too long! I can finally say that it’s time to change that. This is my official “I’m Back” speech, with a few well chosen excuses mixed in.

My last blog entry was a recap of my vacation to New Jersey and a little miscellaneous tid bit about National Dance day. The following week after those posts my computer crashed and I lost everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. It took two weeks and way too many hours on the phone with Dell to get it working again and by that time I was scheduled to start my first semester at my ‘big girl’ college. By the second week of school I was struggling in more ways than one. I was having different health issues pop up along with four exams almost every other week. The stress of it all was overwhelming to the point where I had numerous serious sit downs with my Dad to discuss my options. I decided that I would switch my major (back) to English Literature.

I switched my major last Friday, which means we are now all caught up and the endless flow of excuses will stop! I’m so excited to get The Dancing Nerd Writes Again running full speed ahead, or as full speed as I can make it seeing as I’m still a full time college student.

I’d also like to personally apologize to T.S. DeBrosse. I was asked to read her new novel, Jeremy Chikalto and Leviathan Island, and write a review for it on this blog. Needless to say, I haven’t had time to get around to reading or reviewing and I’ve felt so guilty about it. I have a book list piling up on my desk and Jeremy Chikalto is numero uno (I think I’m on page ten…yay progress)!

I hope you can all forgive me for my unintentional, extended leave of absence and accept me back into the blogging community! It feels incredible to be back and doing what I love.

Keep an eye out for a couple Sporadic Book Hauls coming soon featuring:

Jeremy Chikalto and Leviathan Island By T. S. DeBrosse

The Casual Vacancy By J.K. Rowling

Hidden: A House Of Night Novel By P.C. & Kristin Cast


As always, Happy Reading!


Sasha aka Miss Fierce




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