Update! Is The Break Over?

Hello, hello! Have no fear I’m back…well for now at least. My vacation to New Jersey is over (is it bad that I wish I was still there?) and I’m spending today unpacking and cleaning my unrecognizable room.

Seriously, who would want to leave waking up to this?!

I have a few things I wanted to mention in this post. The first being, where has my summer gone?! There are so many more things I wanted to do for this blog and I don’t think I’ll have the time to get it done. The other is I might be going back to New Jersey before school starts, meaning even more time away from the blog.

The most pressing matter I wanted to discuss is what is going to happen once school starts. To be honest, I don’t really know  how hectic my schedule will be or how I’ll be managing the blog. My ultimate hope is that I’ll be able to read and review AT LEAST one book a month. Hopefully it will be more than that but I’m going to be a full time student and job shadowing all semester. I think I’ll be able to judge my time better after the first couple weeks of classes and I’ll be able to post another update then.

The last thing I want to do is neglect this blog (my baby) once I become busier. Like everything else in my life, classes, job shadowing, possibly being a substitute dance teacher, my blog will have to be penciled into my calendar so that I can keep up with it.

I am so excited and  nervous to begin new classes at a new school with new people and new opportunities! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys and continue to share my love of books!


At some point today I’ll be posting a Sporadic Book Haul and an announcement about National Dance Day. Stay tuned for those. =]

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