National Dance Day 2012

As a dancer, I’ve always watched the T.V. show So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. In the past couple years, the producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe created National Dance Day. This day was created to get everyone dancing! Choreographers have created two routines for this years National Dance Day and posted them on YouTube for anyone to learn!

The one routine, created for beginners is the Zumba routine.

The second routine, which is more advanced is a Hip Hop routine, taught by previous contestants and winners of SYTYCD.


If you want to try and learn the routine, keep in mind that if the dancer moves their left arm, you’d have to move your right arm. Essentially, you need to learn all the dance moves on the opposite side. It sounds harder than it really is, but don’t stress. National Dance Day is meant to be a fun day that brings people together. If you decide to participate, feel free to upload your videos to YouTube and Your video might even end up on the show!

National Dance Day is tomorrow, July 28, 2012. I’ll be with my friends at our studio practicing and recording ourselves doing both routines. Once I edit and upload the videos, I’ll post them here! Get dancing!

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