Stop Being Such A Hater

Day 05 – A book or series you hate

I’m pretty confident in saying that no one begins reading a book with the intentions of hating it. That being said, certain factors or circumstances that arise while reading the book can definitely take a toll on the readers opinion. At least, that’s what happened to me my junior year of high school when, as a class we were forced to read the classic novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 

I’m assuming this will be a controversial post because this book is a classic and Mark Twain is so dear to many readers, so I’ll simply state my reasons for dislike and be done with it.

Let me set the scene… I’m a fairly happy, slightly tired, and grumpy high school junior, walking into my 1st period English III class at 7:15am. Our teacher arrives and hands us our copies of “Huck Finn”, as we affectionately called it. After she hands everyone the book she gives us a handout about the book, proceeds to read through the ENTIRE handout, and she then continues on to tell us how the book ends…at that point, my motivation for reading this book had completely evaporated. Who wants to read a book, after you’ve just been told how it ends? Isn’t that the point of reading it…to get to the ending?! Needless to say, that spoiled my mood for the rest of the book, starting on page one. It only got worse from then on out. We had set a pretty normal pace, 10 chapters a week, and then out of no where, our teacher tells us we have to read the whole novel, write an analysis paper, and take an exam on the book the following Monday…she told us that on a Friday. I think the book was doomed from the start. Maybe one day, once I can get over this ‘small’ grudge, I’ll go back and reread the book on my terms. So I guess I can’t blame the book, it was more the scenario, but whenever I hear mention of Huck Fin, I get a bad taste in my mouth.

Mark Twain is a legend, no doubt about it, and I still quote him from time to time. I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt right?

4 responses to “Stop Being Such A Hater

  1. Ok I just literally laughed out loud!!! She told you how the book ended!!? Why? Why would anyone want to spoil the anticipation of any story in that way? Argh!!

    I don’t have as good of a reason as you do. I actually picked that book up for a reading challenge and thought to myself, hey this is a classic, I should read it! Literally 15 pages in I just couldn’t do it. I put the book down. I did buy it though so it’ll be one I finish, just not yet…

    My book for day 5 would be Dante’s Inferno. What’s all the hoopla with that one? I don’t get it. I was bored out of my mind and trudged through the entire thing! It was interesting I guess, but only because I was truly curious and hoped that it would get better. And for me it just never did. Oh well…

    • Yeah I’m not sure what her point was in telling us how it ended. That’s interesting that you mention Dante’s Inferno, I was thinking the same thing, and wanted to read it. Maybe I’ll wait until I’m older or something…wiser? Haha I don’t know. But yeah, I still can’t believe she told us the end, we hadn’t even opened the book yet! I was literally stunned.

      • I suggest trying Dante’s Inferno if you want to! It was interesting. The downside for me was that he spoke about (of course!) a lot of the popes and clergymen that he didn’t like at the time. I read it thinking, who in the hahah literal hell are these people? So it took some away from it for me, but you may love it! Soooo many people do!

        And yeah, worst thing possible to do for a book. Give the ending away. Makes me sad.

      • haha yeah I wouldn’t know who those people are either… but I think I might give it a try…eventually. =]

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