Vanish By Sophie Jordan Reivew

Vanish is book #2 in the Firelight Series. If you missed my review of book #1, Firelight, you can read it here.

Okay, I literally just put down this book and felt an immediate and undeniable urge to talk (more like gush) about it. I loved Vanish on so many different levels and for me, it exceeded all of my expectations I had when I left off with Firelight. The one thing in Firelight that always pushed my buttons was that the main character, Jacinda, is a draki (dragon who shape shifts into human form) and we don’t get to learn about her history or learn about other draki. Thankfully Vanish takes care of this issue because the whole novel is based off of the world of the draki (which was so awesome…for everyone except Jacinda).

Stop and think…do you want to know what happens in this book? If not, don’t read ahead. <— Spoiler Alert!

The novel begins with a huge twist as Jacinda’s twin sister Tamra manifests into a draki for the first time. Not only does she finally manifest, but she has the rarest and most coveted power of all the drakis, she’s a shader. Once back in the confines of the draki ‘village’ Jacinda and Tamra are separated as Tamra begins her training. Jacinda’s mother takes a turn for the worst and starts developing a pretty serious problem with alcohol and it’s clear that she is deeply depressed. As the story progresses Jacinda and Cassian form a new, stronger relationship, but Jacinda refuses to forget about Will, the human and draki hunter she falls in love with in Firelight. When Tamra first manifested, Will and all the other hunters were present so Tamra’s power should’ve erased everyone’s memory of that night. At least, that’s what Jacinda thought until Will stumbles upon the draki settlement unannounced and unwelcome. Tamra and the other shaders attempt to erase his memory, thinking he’s just a lost hiker, and send him on his way. Cassian then helps Jacinda sneak out to tell Will to never come back. Of course that doesn’t happen, because Will can remember everything and he vows to run away with her and help her escape. They meet again a few weeks later, only Will doesn’t show up and Jacinda was followed by Cassian’s brat of a sister Miram. Jacinda and Miram are both caught and injured by Will’s family of hunters but Will manages to rescue Jacinda. They plan to run away together when guilt starts to change Jacinda. She decides to go home and face the draki, and they decide to clip her wings. Cassian saves her by forcing Jacinda to bond to him. After the bonding, Jacinda and Cassian have an emotional link to each other, but Jacinda and Tamra decide to escape with Will to rescue Miram and find their mother, who was banished upon Jacinda’s second return. In a crazy turn of events Cassian ends up leaving with Tarma, Jacinda and Will as they begin their journey to rescue Miram.

From start to finish, this book was packed with action and love triangles and emotions like you wouldn’t believe! In Firelight, I was a pretty big supporter of Will, but deep down I knew I could easily be persuaded onto Cassian’s team. Well, Cassian won my heart in Vanish. I’m just so torn! Will is the right choice for Jacinda, but Cassian, in his own way, is just as perfect for her! I’m hoping in the last novel Hidden, Will shows more powers and becomes more of an equal with Jacinda and that Cassian falls in love with…maybe Tamra? Gosh I just don’t know, I’m rooting for Cassian, but I know Will should win Jacinda in the end. It’s just so unfair! I love Cassian as the brooding Prince who actually fell in love with Jacinda, not the fire breathing potential mate.  But Will and Jacinda have that ‘I’m all alone in this big world’ complex going on that makes them fit together so well. I don’t know, all I do know is that I’m glad I’m not Sophie Jordan because I have no idea how I would finish this series.

I’m hoping in the next book we see a nicer side to the Tamra-Jacinda relationship. The first two novels they were always bickering or Tamra was angry at Jacinda, which made them both all angsty and it was kind of annoying. I’m really super ecstatic that there was less high school drama in this and more dragon action instead. I am so glad I found this series, the covers are to die for, and I just wish I could find myself a Cassian in real life. *swoon*

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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