Sporadic Book Haul #4


The time has come once again. Time to add to my little family. I got new books people! I spoiled myself with my Barnes and Noble gift card from my Dad (he knows me so well) and some birthday cash from my mom and got my self the sequels to Firelight and Across The Universe. I cannot WAIT to start and finish reading these books and see where the story takes me. These are the second books in their respective series and after that there will be a third book released.

Once I have read and reviewed the books you will be able to click on the book covers to read the full review. 

The first series is the Firelight Series. You can find my review of the first book, Firelight, by clicking here.

Vanish By Sophie Jordan

The next novel is from the Across The Universe Series. You can find my review for Across The Universe by clicking here.

A Million Suns By Beth Revis

Both of these books were definitely a case of beautiful cover syndrome. I read the synopsis and was interested but I knew I would get these books no matter what they were about based on the covers alone. Sadly, the Across The Universe series has decided to change their covers mid-series. I’m just happy I got to buy these beautiful covers before they were gone and changed. You can see the new version of the covers on goodreads or by clicking here.

Regardless of what the covers look like though, these stories can absolutely stand alone. I’m so so SO excited to start reading them!!! But I have to be good and read my other books first (meh). I’m just about finished with Jeremy Chikalto and The Hazy Souls, so that review will be coming soon, and then I should read Wife 22 but I might sneak in and read Vanish and A Million Suns first…hmmm… I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see! Keep an eye out for many more book reviews to come! Happy Reading!

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