Book Nerds And Their Websites

Today’s Nerdtastic Wednesday topic is going to cover something a little different. Today I’m going to share all of my favorite and not so favorite nerdy websites. There really aren’t that many and they all revolve around books but I still figured it would be nice to share my nerdy little gems with my nerd herd community!

  1. Pottermore. Do you love Harry Potter? Is that even a real question? OF COURSE YOU DO!  Pottermore is a website that is an interactive Harry Potter experience. You, the nerd at home, get to perform spells, collect galleons, make potions and travel through the chapters of all seven of the novels. After you get sorted into your house, you and your house compete to win the House Cup, which then gives your house a special secret advantage over all the other houses if you win. This is a great way to get a new generation of kids and parents actively reading Harry Potter and it’s a great revival for the older fans. As an active member of Pottermore and as a winner of the first ever House Cup (go Slytherin!!!!) I strongly encourage you to sign up, if you’re wizard enough. 😉 [My Pottermore screen name is LumosHazel7261…add me as a friend and lets duel!]
  2. Goodreads. I discovered Goodreads after my first few weeks of blogging. I use this website practically everyday. It helps me to organize my books into categories (which I love and desperately needed). The categories include books I’ve previously read, books I want to read (my favorite list!), and books I’m currently reading. You can also post reviews of the books you’ve already read, as well as follow authors, read their blogs, follow fellow bloggers, and find new and interesting books you wouldn’t have found just by browsing through the book store. You can follow me on goodreads by clicking  here.
  3. Freado. My best kept secret. I’ve already mentioned Freado in a sporadic book haul because I won a book from this website. The way Freado works is you create a free account, and then you play trivia games such as hangman, quick quizzes, and cover matcher, to earn bidding points. The games ask questions about books you’ve read and are created by other members of Freado. Once you have enough points, you can go to the prize section of Freado and bid on books with your points. The books come in a variety of formats, including paperback, hardcover, eBook, and Kindle. If you place the highest bid by a certain date, you win the book and Freado or the publisher or author mails the book to you for free. Essentially, you play a couple fun games, earn some points, bid with your points on a book you want, and BAM! Free book delivered right to your door.
  4. YABC or Young Adult Books Central. I just joined this website a few days ago and I’m still trying to figure out how it works. It’s pretty simple and works on a points system similar to Freado. Whenever you add a review on a book, or leave a comment on something, or update your status you get points. Now, what the points do…I’m not entirely sure. From my knowledge, you can enter a contest for the giveaways, and the more points you have the better your chances of winning? I could be totally wrong but I still really enjoy this site. I’ll keep using it and if I find out how it really works, I’ll update this. Want to be my friend on YABC? Click here!
  5. NetGalley. This site works in a relatively simple manner. Create a profile, and then request to read Advanced Reader Copies of books. However, that is the simplest part of this website. I seemed to have joined this site a little too late in the game. Netgalley only approves requests to readers and bloggers with a large following, not newbies like me. Regardless, I’m not going to give up and I’ll get on this site every once and a while and request something and see what happens. Perhaps over time, when I get more traffic to my site they’ll change their mind.

I know there are way more book nerd lover websites out there, but I think that should cover it for today’s Nerdtastic Wednesday. Do you know of any book nerd websites I should check out? Leave me the link in the comments below! That’s all for today!  May The Nerd Be With You! 


4 responses to “Book Nerds And Their Websites

    • Oh my gosh I know!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like they’ve already improved with the graphics compared to the first book. It’s so much fun and so addicting!!

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