Lost In Time a Blue Bloods Novel

Oh my gosh! Melissa De La Cruz is definitely stepping up her game with the end of the series. I mentioned in my previous review that I was a little disappointed with Misguided Angel, but Lost In Time more than makes up for it. This time the story follows Schuyler, Mimi and the back story of Alegra. I would suggest that you read Bloody Valentine before reading Lost In Time if you are interested in more of the story that happens after Misguided Angel and before this novel. I thought Bloody Valentine was way too short and was dying for more story, but Lost In Time elaborates fully on where Blood Valentine leaves off. Some of the mention of witches and some inside jokes between Alegra and Ben are confusing if you haven’t read Bloody Valentine.

But let’s get back to Lost In Time. I don’t know if I was expecting much from this book, after my previous disappointment but boy did it deliver. There were a few minor things that irked me about this book that I haven’t felt in the other books. The first being all the dictionary worthy words that were thrown into this novel. I would consider myself a fairly educated person, going into my third year of college, and even I felt like I needed to have a dictionary by my side for half of the words in this novel. For example, when randomly turning to page 196 (hardcover) I’m bombarded by words like ersatz, troglodyte, and insouciance. I don’t mind having ‘big words’ in novels, or even admitting that I’ve had to look many of them up to fully grasp what the heck Melissa De La Cruz was talking about, but what irks me is that this isn’t a normal occurrence in the Blue Bloods novels. If every novel was loaded with hard to pronounce words and I felt like I was reading a thesaurus, I’d be okay with it, but for them to just show up now was a little annoying, it felt like the novels were at war with each other because her writing style was deviating in some places while in others there was the usual witty teenage banter.

I said two things irked me about this book and the other would be that, although the story was amazing and it was a huge page turner, it all felt rushed. A fight scene started and ended in less than a page and before I could even register my excitement it was over. I felt like Cruz had so much to say and not enough room to say it. However, what she did say plot wise, was brilliant and breath taking! Oh the love triangles, quadrilaterals, and the sacrifices, the heart wrenching moments and the moments of clarity, when all the clues finally fell into place and there was understanding at last. This was a great story with many twists and turns and three different endings I could not have expected or guessed at even if I had tried.

Now let’s talk characters. I keep doting on Mimi in these last few reviews and with good reason! This character has become so dynamic and is playing such a huge role in these novels. She makes the ultimate sacrifice for love, making the reader feel such compassion for her and then she betrays you and then she finds grace and humanity and becomes a totally sweet badass again! I hate to say it, but I feel stronger towards Mimi now than I do for Schuyler. Schuyler is becoming the weaker woman in the story, the one people feel the need to protect. I hope in the final novel she finds her strength and comes into her true self so I can cheer more loudly for her instead of Mimi. I feel so guilty, going over to the dark side with Mimi and Kingsley, and even Jack would be included in that category since he is technically a Dark Angel. Schuyler really needs to start stepping it up if she wants my praise, and Oliver too. Good for him for running towards a fight, but come on man, find something to live for! He’s always been a dependable character and helped Schuyler but he’s always just been in the background. I think now is his time to really shine.

As for the Alegra, Ben, Charles situation, I found that I liked Ben alot more in Blood Valentine than I did with the way he was portrayed here. I found myself more inclined to side with Charles (whom I haven’t liked at all from the very beginning) which is weird for me. I loved getting to know more of Alegra’s back story and find it so typical that right when probably the biggest secret of all is about to be revealed (even though I’m pretty sure I know what it is) the book ends!

I hate to do this because I wanted to wait until I had read every book in the series, but Lost In Time, so far, was my favorite of the Blue Bloods series. The Van Alen Legacy comes in a close second. All I can hope for is that in the final book Melissa De La Cruz will take her time and put more details into the fight scenes [SPOILER(she did a great job describing the last fight in the book between Mimi and Jack though)]. I can’t wait for the last book to come out, but I guess I’ll be waiting for a long time since it isn’t due to be released until January (LAME!). In the meantime though I’ll be enjoying Wolf Pack, the story of Bliss who is off hunting the hell hounds. That should be interesting because it will be directly related to the ending of the Blue Bloods Series.

If all my reviews haven’t gotten you excited enough for this series, or if you aren’t excited about the final book maybe this will help.

Quoted directly from the last page of Lost In Time, promoting The Gates of Paradise:

Watch out for the explosive finale in the Blue Bloods series. All your questions answered…All the mysteries explained…Friends reunited…Hearts broken…Will bliss return with the Hellhounds? Will Schuyler save the Blue Bloods? Who will live? Who will die? Find out in the seventh and final novel in the epic saga. 

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