Misguided Angel a Blue Bloods Novel

It feels like a long time since I posted a book review but the time has come! Misguided Angel is the fifth book in the Blue Bloods Series and it is one of the shorter  novels. However, I think it might be my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, it fits into the blue bloods story line and plot elegantly and efficiently, but as a personal preference I just wasn’t feeling it (the first or the second time around). 

The novel picks up where the last one left off, beginning with Schuyler and Jack being part of the European coven. The book is separated (for the most part) into three sections from different character’s points of view. The first part is told by Schuyler, the next by Mimi, and the last section by a semi new character Deming. I’ve mentioned before that Schuyler is my favorite character, so perhaps part of the reason I’m not a huge fan of this book is because she plays such a minor role in it.

I also felt like this novel was a minor stepping stone for the plot that is going to heat up in the next two novels. I thought this one was more of a filler novel, getting the reader enough information to be entertained and preparing the reader for the more important issues that are coming next in the last books.

I’m not going to do a summary of this novel simply because there isn’t that much to tell, and all I’d be doing is revealing major spoilers. The whole point of this novel was to get one main fact across. That being said, I still enjoyed this book. It was nice to see Mimi continue to evolve and play new roles in the vampire community. We’re also introduced to a new character, Deming who is a Truth Seeker and a Venator from China. I really loved her character and hope that Melissa De La Cruz continues to conduct parts of the next novel from Deming’s perspective.

The plot is really well developed in this novel and very detailed oriented, which gives the novel that feeling of filler information and preparatory story telling. Overall it is nice to see each of the characters continue to grow and develop and to ultimately change. I started out hating Mimi Force, but now I’m beginning to understand her and sympathize with her. I think Melissa got her point across in this novel and it achieved its goal and purpose. Was it my favorite, no, but it was a quick and easy read with an enjoyable plot.

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