Creating The Music Bible

I was at my friend Nicole’s house the other day and was introduced to her ‘Music Bible’. It was a really big case (one of two) full of her CD’s and mix CD’s and I fell in love with the idea instantly. My CD’s lived in plastic bags or were overflowing from cases that just couldn’t handle their magnitude. That’s when I went on the hunt to create my own Music Bible. I ended up getting my Case Logic case at Kmart (of all places). It took me upwards to two hours to organize my CD’s with their jackets and cover art and to transfer all the songs into my iTunes account. Needless to say I am extremely pleased with the end result. Now I don’t have to spend hours searching for an old favorite CD when a music craving comes calling.

Here’s what my CD’s looked like before the makeover.

Here is a glimpse at my new Music Bible. =]

2 responses to “Creating The Music Bible

    • James Blunt is so amazing. Most people either hate him or love him. I think I know all his songs by heart, or at least all the choruses. Thank you!

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