All About Me Day 9

Oh goodness. I knew this would be the hardest challenge for myself and here’s why. I’m the type of person that doesn’t have an all time favorite song. I have a song of the week, or of the month, or even a song that represented a summer, but never an ultimate favorite. Therefore, I’ve devised a system to decide the two songs I will pick for me. I’m going to pick a new song I just heard, one I’d never heard before, and I”m going to pick whatever I’ve played the most on my iTunes. With that in mind, here are my Two Songs.

  1. Beginners By Slow Club. I discovered this song early this morning or late last night, however you look at it, because of Daniel Radcliffe, however, I stayed for the band, the music, and the song itself. I’d never heard of the band before so I did some research and listened to a few of their other songs and these guys (and girl) totally rock! Their sound is really unique and I absolutely love it. 
  2. Bass Down Low By Dev & Mai By Josh Groban. By a happy coincidence these songs were tied with a 35 as the most listened to songs on my iTunes. Bass Down Low was my favorite song of 2011 and Dev has come to be one of my favorite artists. If you can’t understand why I’d like that kind of music, try listening to her acoustic stuff, her talent and her voice will blow your mind. There’s more behind the music than synthetic beats, trust me. The reason Mai by Josh Groban is a most listened to is because I listen to his Awake album whenever I do my homework. I know every song by heart, even if it’s in a different language I sound it out to the best of my abilities. Josh Groban soothes my soul and my mind, he’s the perfect easy listen for when I’m stressed with homework or stressed in any situation. He’s my go to smooth listening option. 

Beginners By Slow Club
Bass Down Low By Dev (This song contains explicit language and images. Viewer discretion is advised)
Mai by Josh Groban

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