The Van Alen Legacy a Blue Bloods Novel

I don’t want to get ahead of myself when I say that this is my favorite Blue Bloods novel, because I can’t accurately make that distinction until all of the novels are released and read. So far though, yes this is my favorite novel.This was the longest novel to date and it was jam packed with action, adventure, and great plot lines. Cruz refined the novel a bit by making each chapter a different character and putting their name at the top of each new chapter, taking away the confusion from the last few novels. She expertly created three different character stories that inevitably ended up clashing together into one in the last few chapters.

Spoilers ahead, feel free to turn back now.

The Van Alen Legacy begins a year after Revelations left off. Don’t worry, you get caught up pretty fast. Schuyler and Oliver have been on the run for over a year because the Coven didn’t want to believe Leviathan came back and killed Lawrence, so they blame Schuyler for his murder. She believes her only chance is to sneak in and talk to the head of the European coven but in the middle of her plan she runs into Jack Force, the guy she’s been trying not to love for over a year, the guy she left heart broken in New York. She thinks he is there to capture her and turn her in but he is there to save her. The party is quickly overrun by Silver Bloods and Jack and Schuyler must flee for their lives while Charles Force and Oliver distract the Silver Bloods and fight them off. In the end Charles gets trapped in what seems to be a sliver of another world, some kind of portal he closed to try and capture and encase the Silver Bloods but it back fired and now he is lost. Oliver and Schuyler decide not to trust Jack and they keep running until Schuyler gets too sick to continue and Oliver forces her to return home. Her vampire blood and her human blood are still clashing against each other, but Dr. Pat says that Schuyler has to physically be around other vampires to survive. Meanwhile Bliss Llewellyn is struggling everyday for her sanity. Lucifer is still controlling her body, but one day he lets her wake up. He decides that she needs to keep up pretenses and pretend nothing is wrong and start going back to school. Bliss begins to plan against her ‘visitor’ when he is away, while the visitor is planning how to take over the world. Mimi Force joined a Venator team after what happened in Rio in order to search for Jordan Llewellyn, the Watcher. Their search has lead them around the world for a year until they realize they were deceived and they head back to Rio, where they find the Watcher guarded by Silver Bloods. Mimi and Kingsley Martin, along with two other Venators kill the Silver Bloods but have arrived too late, the shell of Jordan Llewellyn has been killed, but Kingsley believes that the Watcher has survived. Mimi, Bliss, Jack, and Oliver are forced by their personal duties to go back to school and act like normal teenagers. A while later something completely shocking happens, Alegra Van Alen, Schuyler and Bliss’s mother wakes up from her coma. She felt the earth rip when Michael was lost and tells Schuyler she must go after him. She tells Schuyler that her soul mission is to find the seven gates that protect this world from the underworld, that is the Van Alen Legacy and now she must carry it out. Rio was the first gate, which is how Leviathan got released. Mimi and Jack finally decided to proceed with their bonding, however neither of them want to be bonded anymore. Mimi has been having a secret affair with Kingsley Martin and Jack is still irrevocably in love with Schuyler. Mimi is about to tell Jack she can’t be bonded to him in the midst of walking down the asile, when Bliss (rather Lucifer inside her) calls the Silver Bloods and has them attack the church, while she grabs Schuyler and Kingsley and take them down to the gate of hell. Mimi and Jack follow instantly and begin to battle with Leviathan and Lucifer. Kingsley Martin performs the same magic Michael did in order to destroy the gate and forever keep Lucifer behind it, and in the process he was taken and trapped in hell with Lucifer. Leviathan stabs Jack, meaning his blood is now poisonous and killing him and the only way to save him is to have human blood. Schuyler being half human, offers him her blood which he accepts, further binding them to each other. All this time Bliss is internally struggling with Lucifer, who is telling her to kill Schuyler. She walks up to Schuyler who is still bent over Jack with Michael’s sword, but at the last minute she turns it on herself and stabs it into her heart. The next day Mimi and Jack plan to do the bonding in secret, it must be done to strengthen the Coven as well as their powers but Jack doesn’t show up. He goes to the airport and leaves with Schuyler, as per Oliver’s plan. Oliver knew Schuyler would never choose between him or Jack so he chose for her. Mimi, heartbroken from the loss of Kingsley, now swears to hunt down Jack and kill him, the laws of the vampires forbid one to break a bonding or suffer a final death. Bliss wakes up in a small room where her new history teacher is watching her. Her teacher turns out to be the Watcher, and she’s been trying to help Bliss all along. Alegra shows up next and explains to Bliss that she never even knew she existed, that Lawrence and Michael have kept her a secret, but now Alegra gives Bliss a mission. Once she stabbed herself she freed herself from Lucifer and caused a transformation within herself, she is no longer a vampire but she must hunt down the hounds of hell. And with that, the Van Alen Legacy comes to a close, for this novel anyway.

I loved this novel because of all the action and I loved watching the characters develop and to be able to actually connect with characters other than Schuyler. Mimi and Bliss now seem more accessible and they’re easier to relate to, whereas before Mimi was just some snobby rich girl who I voted against. Now we’ve seen her weakness and her capacity to actually act and think like a human and it is slightly endearing. Romance is blossoming all around as well as the air of suspense. More and more mysteries are being solved which then leads to more mysteries, always leaving the reader wanting to know more, wanting to understand and to know how this is going to play out in the end.



  • Kingsley Martin– trapped in Hell
  • Charles Force aka Michael– lost
  • Alegra Van Alen– awake and looking for Michael
  • Jordan Llewellyn– dead, but the Watcher lives on in another
  • Bliss Llewellyn – human and searching for the hounds of hell
  • Jack Force– not bonded and will be hunted and killed by Mimi

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