Revelations a Blue Bloods Novel

I believe that this is the shortest of all of the Blue Bloods novels, only 264 pages (hardback), but that’s not to say it wasn’t the most enjoyable. This, for me, is where the story and the action really picks up, even if that it only occurs in the last twenty or so pages. The beginning and middle sections of this book are designed to provide the reader with information and clues. It isn’t until reading the book a second or third time however that one realizes that all the confusing information actually serves a purpose and is in fact clues to uncovering who the Silver Blood is and what’s really going on.

This book is a bit more difficult to form a solid synopsis, because each chapter and sometimes every other paragraph focuses on a different character. I’ve read some reviews where readers heartily disliked the setup but for me, if you are good with remembering what happened to who, it’s not an difficult read by any means.

Major spoilers ahead, like way major.

The story begins by elaborating on Schuyler’s new life living with the Force’s. There is an air of mystery when Schuyler meets Oliver in a closet between classes and it is assumed he is the same boy she plans on sneaking out to meet later that night. However instead of finding Oliver in her secret apartment she finds Dylan, deranged and trying to kill her. She subdues him enough and Bliss takes Dylan away. In the meantime Mimi and Jack Force are having dinner and going over Bonding plans (aka their marriage). Mimi doesn’t trust Jack, even though he refuses to talk or look at Schuyler at school or in their home, so she follows him after dinner. They end up at the same apartment Schuyler was just at so Mimi confirms that Jack and Schuyler are having a secret affair. Lawrence, now Regis or head of the Blue Bloods, makes a last minute trip to Rio to investigate Corcovado, the sight where Leviathan, the second most powerful Silver Blood (second only to Lucifer), was encased in the ground. He brings with him Kingsley Martin, the reformed Silver Blood who betrayed Mimi Force and almost had her killed. Mimi continues planning the Bonding while Jack and Schuyler continue seeing each other in secret until one day Mimi tells Oliver where she can find them. Oliver, Schuyler’s human conduit and familiar, is heart broken by her betrayal, but follows her to Rio when she learns from the Elders that her Grandfather is in trouble. Once in Rio Silver Bloods attack and kill all of the Elders, Jordan, Bliss’s younger sister attempts to kill her and is taken away, and then Bliss learns that she is the one who has been acting under the orders of the Silver Bloods. Bliss attacked Aggie, Schuyler, Cordelia, Dylan, and all of the Elders and other members of the Conclave. Lucifer himself is controlling her body and her actions and she is trapped with countless other souls inside her body.

That was a pretty vague summary, only because there are so many more twists and turns to the novel I didn’t want to give TOO much away. If you do decide to read this before reading the book there will still be some pleasant surprises waiting. I haven’t really discussed much of what I love in this series, other than just giving quick little book reviews. I love the way Cruz integrates the fantastical world of the rich New York lifestyle, being a model, being able to afford fabulous dresses, going to the best school, being in the tabloids. This novel is so much more than just a vampire novel. Cruz integrates elements of real history, like Roanoke and the Croatan, and the statue of Christ The Redeemer. She adds enough real life elements to keep the novel grounded, all the while discussing fallen angels, Lucifer, Gabriel, and Paradise. She’s also developing a unique love triangle (actually she’s created a couple of triangles), one between two people destined from the beginning of time to be together interrupted by a newborn, while another between a vampire and her familiar and a dark angel she can’t help herself but to love. All of those unique elements really captured my eye and my appetite for more, which is why I kept reading the Blue Bloods novels.



  • Bliss Llewellyn– Corrupted by the Silver Bloods. Controlled directly by Lucifer. Sister to Schuyler Van Alen. Their mother is Alegra Van Alen. 
  • Dylan Ward– Proven innocent, used as a pawn to release Leviathan and ultimately killed. 
  • Lawrence Van Alen– Killed by Leviathan. His blood was poisoned, he suffered the ultimate vampire death and will not be recycled. 


  • Jordan Llewellyn– Bliss’s younger sister. It is discovered that she is a Watcher, called up by Cordelia Van Alen. She tries to kill Bliss because she knows she has been corrupted by Lucifer.

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