Masquerade a Blue Bloods Novel

Fun fact of the day! Masquerade (paperback) has approximately 300 pages. I read the book in 5 hours, which means I read on average a page a minute! Cool huh?

Anyways, Masquerade is the second installment of the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz. This was my second or third time reading the book and the shocking parts where no longer shocking, but I’ll try and do this review as objectively as possible, noting that I have read it before, but also what a new reader would expect.

I’m not going to make a character chart for this book because only one new character was introduced (his character profile will be provided at the end of my review). If you’re confused or have questions about the characters, please check out my review of Blue Bloods before moving on.

Spoilers begin now.

The book begins with Schuyler on the hunt for her Grandfather in Venice. After a long and wild goose chase she eventually finds him, but he says he can’t help her. She returns to NY empty handed and slightly discouraged. Meanwhile, preparations for the annual 400 Ball (a vampire exclusive event) are underway and Mimi Force decides to hold an even more exclusive after party. Bliss Llewellyn is having even more dangerous black outs and was rescued by a mysterious stranger (whom she thinks is Dylan) from the bottom of a lake. Schuyler attends the ball in a dress her mother, Alegra, had worn and is easily the most beautiful girl in attendance, making even the illustrious Mimi Force jealous. Someone sends Schuyler an anonymous text to Mimi’s after party, a Masquerade. Once there she realizes she doesn’t fit in and she didn’t even want to come, she only came in hopes of seeing Jack, Mimi’s twin brother, which was pointless because everyone is wearing a mask. However a boy finds Schuyler, flirts with her, and kisses her. Is it the stranger that saved Bliss or is it Jack? The next day Schuyler is found unconscious and barely breathing, much like the same condition her mother is in, and is rushed to Dr. Pat’s office. Because Schuyler is half human, half blue blood, her human blood is fighting with her vampire blood, causing her to have extreme vampire powers, but to be too weak to function as a human. Schuyler begins training with her Grandfather, who decided to return to her and her episodes get worse to the point where she passes out at school and Jack carries her home. It is then decided that she will have to take a human familiar if she is going to survive. Since Oliver is the only Human boy she’s friends with they decided to try, but he backs out at the last minute. Schuyler finds him in the repository (secrete Blue Blood library under a night club), right when the repository blows up and a Silver Blood is released. The silver blood attacks Bliss and kills Mrs. Dupont, the Chief Warden.

Before all the madness begins and some time after the Masquerade dance, the new character Kingsley Martin is introduced. He is first admitted to Duchesne School and becomes close friends with Bliss and Mimi. Through his discoveries of hanging out with the girls he determines that Bliss is a victim of Silver Blood attacks and that Mimi is harboring dark magic. With Kingsley’s help, Mimi is the one who conjures up the Silver Blood that attacks Bliss and kills Dupont. Mimi is put on trial and sentenced to a true vampire death by burning her blood. The only person that can save her is Alegra, Gabrielle, by a blood trial ceremony. Jack pleds with Schuyler to attempt the trial which has the potential of killing Mimi and turning Schuyler into a Silver Blood, but Schuyler agrees. Once she drinks Mimi’s blood and sees the truth she knows Mimi is innocent and that it was Kingsley who actually called forth the Silver Blood. The story ends when Charles Force goes to human court and adopts Schuyler, forcing her to move in with Mimi and Jack.

Yeah, that was more of a book report than a review but I’ve decided to do the Blue Blood series reviews in this manner so that I can organize what’s going on in these stories. So much has already happened, and the stories only pick up from here, this is my only chance to get the information straight. This way, when the final installment of this series comes out I can just reread my reviews instead of rereading the books. Win win if you ask me.



  • Oliver Hazard-Perry– Is now Schuyler’s conduit and human familiar. They have performed the sacred kiss, against The Code. 
  • Jack Force– True name is Abbadon, Angel of Destruction. 
  • Mimi Force– True name is Azrael, Angel of Death. 
  • Lawrence Van Alen– Is now the Regis of the vampires after he cast a White Vote to veto Charles Force. 
  • Kingsley Martin – Venator, Truth Seeker, a reformed Silver Blood.

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