Creative DIY Ideas

For the most part I attempted and accomplished three DIY creations.

All of the ideas I found on Pinterest.

The first project I tried was making a braided headband out of an old t-shirt. In the pinterest version, five strips of the shirt material were used but I only used three, making my braid less complicated and time consuming. Plus I wasn’t looking to have a really thick headband but I think I’m going to try this one again with different material and colors, and then I’ll try using five fabric strips.

Idea From Pinterest

My Attempt

The next project I attempted was a pretty basic bracelet design. I love making bracelets for myself, friends and family members, and this one I made for my dad for Father’s Day. I’ll be making more for my mom as well and posting those pictures up in the future.

Idea From Pinterest

My Attempt

The last project I attempted was definitely the hardest. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to explain it but here it goes. I used cardboard as my base, I’m not sure what the pinterest image used. Next I cut up magazines and made a messy collage, and glued it to the cardboard. I then traced onto the collage my message (Happy Father’s Day) with a pen. The last step was to paint everything, with the exception of my message. Sounds sort of confusing I know. Hopefully the pictures will help alleviate some of that confusion. I ran into a couple problems doing this project. The first was that I suck at painting letters…like really suck. The next problem was the texture of the way the collage dried from using the glue made it harder to paint and made it much simpler to mess up. I did the best I could given the fact that I used fabric paint (whoops…I’m broke, I improvised), card board, and some old magazines. I also found that I had to do 2-3 coats of paint because the collage underneath kept showing through. When I started I was worried my paint wasn’t going to cover it at all, but just let it dry and paint over it again and again.

Idea From Pinterest (so much prettier than mine!)

My Attempt

Well, that’s about as creative as I get for one day. I hope you enjoyed my DIY (do it yourself) attempts and that you’ll challenge yourself to try some. If you’ve found any pretty cool DIY ideas or created your own projects, feel free to leave me a comment. Maybe I’ll try your ideas out too!

*Click on the Idea From Pinterest pictures to be taken directly to pinterest. From there, you can click on the picture again to be taken to the original source of the photos.*

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