All About Me Day 3

I’ve been thinking about this challenge all day yesterday! I’m a person with many fears…some irrational some totally viable. So you be the judge, are my Eight Fears completely ridiculous or totally logical?

  1. Spiders. I don’t even want to talk about it. If I see one, I find the closest, tallest object and get on top of it and wait for someone to kill the freakish thing. 
  2. Bridges. Where I live, if I want to get anywhere, oh I don’t know, to the beach or to school, I have to cross bridges. Okay, here’s the deal with bridges, a bridge over land I can (for the most part) handle, but a bridge over any largish body of water…panic mode. I’ve only ever driven over one bridge that went over water and that was for two reasons. A) Because I had to get to school and school was across the bridge and B) because the bridge stayed flat. 
  3. Roller Coasters. Keeping up with the them of bridges, I don’t like heights, therefore I don’t like roller coasters. I generally don’t like doing things that, if done incorrectly could cause my death. If I drive incorrectly on a bridge…dead…if my roller coaster malfunctions like in Final Destination…dead. I’m not saying Final Destination scared me off roller coasters…oh no. I completely blame Space Mountain, age 6, my first roller coaster ever. Since then I have been on a few roller coasters…I’m working up to ones that flip or go ridiculously high. Until then…I’ll watch with my two feet firmly on the ground thank you very much.
  4. Forgetting to do my homework. Okay, you’re probably thinking that I’m officially the nerdiest person you know. If I, for whatever reason, do not complete my homework, my subconscious mind attacks me while I’m asleep and I’ll have so many nightmares about failing school and being laughed at in front of the whole class that I will wake up and do my homework.
  5. The Zombie Apocalypse. The Walking Dead is perhaps my favorite show on T.V. even though it scares the absolute crap out of me. I don’t know if I really believe that there will be a Zombie invasion or whatever, but I do fear that one day in my life time there will be some sore of ‘apocalyptic event’. I think it could potentially get to the point where, if nothing happens in 10 years, the people might start the apocalypse themselves. I don’t know, its not a very well put together theory. 
  6. The Unknown. I fear not knowing. Not knowing what a person thinks, not knowing what’s going to happen next, not knowing what the future holds. In some aspects not knowing is exciting, but it mostly just gives me heartburn and unnecessary stress. 
  7. People. Alright I know that’s pretty vague but as the saying goes, people kill people, not guns. Right? Therefore, I fear people. Not all the time, I’m not a crazy girl who can’t go outside her house, but sometimes I think about where I’m going, do I feel safe here, why wasn’t I born and trained as a ninja, you know common everyday thoughts. 
  8. The Extinction Of Books. This is sneaking up on us as a society so fast, if you blink, all the books around you will turn into one Kindle. Last year I watched as my favorite place, my sanctuary got taken away because people liked their technology more than they liked holding a new, fresh, never before read, book in their hands. I never even DREAMED I would live to see the day Borders ended. Who knows what will go next.
Well there you have it. All my fears, crazy, silly, or otherwise. Do you fear some of the same things I do? Leave a comment and take the 10 Day Challenge yourself!

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