Sporadic Book Haul #2


Don’t you just love that new book smell? Well trust me on this, free new book smell is even better! I just got Wife 22, the book I won from the writemeg! blog contest! So I guess this doesn’t really count as a book haul, but I say it does. Whenever I get a new book it will be counted as a book haul from here on out (free or not).

I have some bad news (which isn’t really bad news at all) but I probably won’t get to read and review this book for a while. I’m currently reading the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz, then finishing up Pride & Prejudice, and then I’ll be able to read Wife 22. Keep checking back for my review! Once it’s finished you’ll be able to click on the book cover below and see what I thought about the book.

Thanks again to writemeg! and all the affiliates and publishers who were responsible for the contest. I really cannot wait to read this book!

*Update* 7/18/12 You can now click on the book cover to read my full review. 

Wife 22 By Melanie Gideon

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