All About Me Day 1

I was browsing through different blogs today when I came across the

Check out this link to see the original blog where I found this challenge.

So let’s get started, Ten Secrets.

  1. I spend a lot of time in the shower. Not because I’m a dirty person, but because I do all of my thinking in the shower. I find peace and get new ideas and I feel like showers can cleanse not only my skin but my soul as well. Weird huh.
  2. When I’m home alone I talk to myself…alot.
  3. I like categories. My closet is color coordinated, sectioned into sleeves/no sleeves, dressy clothes vs. t-shirts, and so on. My DVD collection is categorized as are all of my books. I organize my books by series, theme, and stand alone books. 
  4. I can crack or pop just about every joint in my body. 
  5. I feel like I connect more with the characters in books than I do with people in real life.
  6. I doubt myself way too much and question everything I do.
  7. I’ve reached an age where I imagine my future, where as before I couldn’t care less what I had at my wedding or in my home or how I decorated my kids rooms. 
  8. I hate having long nails. Sometimes I wish I had the bad habit of biting my nails just so I wouldn’t have to cut them so often.
  9. I cried all through The Notebook and P.S. I Love You. Don’t ask me to watch that movie with you, I won’t react kindly. 
  10. I don’t like being bad at something. I’d rather give up than admit that I suck, but I’m working on following through with things and I’m learning that the only way to improve is by perseverance. 

Alright, that’s it for today! I hope this helps you get to know me a little better! Feel free to do this challenge yourself so I can get to know you too. If you don’t have a blog, leave your 10 secrets in a comment below.

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