Blue Bloods…Not The T.V. Show

I mentioned in my sporadic book haul that I got the newest installment of the Blue Bloods series, Lost In Time. Well that’s great and I can’t wait to read it, but I have to go back and read all the other books first. That’s the only problem I have with books in a series. By the time the series finishes, I’ll probably have read that first novel anywhere from five to twelve or thirteen times, depending on how long the series is. If we’re talking Harry Potter, I’ve probably read Sorcerers Stone upwards of twenty times.

I think this will be my fourth or fifth time reading Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz. Normally I would only read the last or second to last books in the series before starting the newest one (that’s what I do with the House Of Night novels by P.C & Kristin Cast…I’m not about to read 9 books again just to read the new one), especially if I can remember the major plot details and events that have happened. Unfortunately, the last time I read a Blue Bloods book (besides Bloody Valentine) was around two years ago. So on this extremely rainy day, I’m going to sit down and begin reading the Blue Bloods series for the umpteenth time, and I will enjoy every second of it. I just love watching the romance between Schuyler and Jack blossom in the first books of the series. These books (along with the House Of Night) definitely qualify as my guilty pleasures.

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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