Firelight By Sohpie Jordan

I got this book in the mail yesterday, started reading it this morning and finished it in roughly four to five hours. No, the writing wasn’t extremely intellectual or thought provoking, but what it had going for it was a nice story that was light and easy to escape into and forget my real life troubles. 

I had been rather down this morning and decided now would be the perfect opportunity to escape into a really good book. I admit it was the cover that attracted me at first but it’s the characters and the plot that will keep me reading in the next book Vanish. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, it’s time to talk about Firelight.

I don’t know if I had any expectations about this book other than it being a dragon book about a teenage girl who could change from a human form to that of a dragon. After finishing Inheritance By Christopher Paolini, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on another epic dragon tale, however this book doesn’t quite match that criteria. I’d say this book is closer to the Twilight (By Stephenie Meyer) spectrum of things and many notches down from Paolini’s epic work. I think Twilight fans would easily fall for this book but have no fear, even if you hated Twilight, the premise of Firelight is so unique and genuine that I think it could suck any YA (young adult) reader in.

I really enjoyed the story presented and it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Firelight has more of a teenage, high school drama, slightly supernatural feel, in comparison to the full on dragon action I was expecting. Of course the action heats up in the last few pages and then, without even cooling down the book just ends. I don’t know why this keeps shocking me, flipping page after page of a book and then finally flipping to a page without writing, signaling the end. Regardless of what I thought Firelight would be I still finished the book being really happy about it and wishing I had already bought Vanished (the sequel) so that I wouldn’t have to wait to see how the story continues.

The story begins with a girl living among her pride of dragons, and then her mother forcing Jacinda to leave with her twin sister Tamra to the desert, where her inner dragon will hopefully shrivel up and die in the heat and water less climate. This plan was working until Jacinda meets Will at her new high school, Will who is the same boy and hunter who let her escape the last time they met in the forest and the reason she was forced to leave her pride. Jacinda is clearly conflicted, knowing that Will and his entire family hunt to kill or sell her kind, but also feeling some uncontrollable emotion for him. It turns out, Will is as equally transfixed by Jacinda as she is for him, and with every kiss, Jacinda fights her inner dragon in order to stay in her human form. I really liked the relationship Jacinda and Will develop, but the writing got a little superfluous when the author says Jacinda will never see Will again, that was the last time, never kiss him again. Lets just say she sees him again…all the time. I really do love that Will and Jacinda have so many things in common, while still living totally separate lives. I loved that Will resisted his family job as a hunter, but I was curious of his being sick and then suddenly being the best tracker in the family. I don’t want to say that the big finale, Will’s biggest secret was totally obvious, but I kinda saw that mixed-blood scenario coming, or something of that nature.

I thought the relationship Jacinda has with her twin sister Tamra was interesting, because Tamra could not transform into a dragon and she resented Jacinda for, well everything. Everyone liked Jacinda better, the pride adored her and wanted her to be the mother to all the future draki, because Jacinda had the rarest gift of all the draki, she was a fire breather. Another interesting part of the story is the girls mother, she refused her inner dragon and let it die, but what I kept thinking in the back of my head is or did she? Perhaps in a future novel the mothers draki will reappear, or not…I have an overactive imagination.

Cassian, Prince and future King of the Draki. Well of course he’s every girls dream, human, dragon, or otherwise. I find his character to be interestingly mysterious, there is some secret he knows that Jacinda fears, but keeps brushing aside, and in the same hand there is perhaps a part of him she is attracted to. Her love for Will is undeniable, but there is a pull towards Cassian that even the reader can’t ignore. I’m interested to see how their relationship develops and if Cassian’s secrets are uncovered in future novels.

Firelight was a great way for the author to set up a really wonderful story, I just hope she can continue it, let it grow and expand in the next book, with a little more action, just as much romance (maybe even more), and a more developed look at the dragons, their history, and the history of their hunters, specifically Will.

7 responses to “Firelight By Sohpie Jordan

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  3. Good review. Not sure it’s my kind of read, but I have run across it while looking at books. The only YA I really get into is the ones with some adult themes like Hunger Games. By the way you describe it, though, it doesn’t have that kind of feel to it.

    • Yeah definitely less Hunger Games more Twilight. Off the top of my head, I think The Hunger Games is the only YA book I’ve read with really adult themes. I may have read others that are escaping my mind right now but Hunger Games was a pretty rare find (at least I think so). Thanks for liking my review though, I’m glad I could help.

      • The only other one I’ve seen is “The Immortal Rules” by Julie Kagawa. I might not have tried it except another book blogger got an advanced copy of it she discussed. It was enough to convince me to grab it when it came out. I wasn’t disappointed. Really dark book but not much of a youth theme despite the character’s age.

      • I have that book on my To-Read list on Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely move it up on the list instead of pushing it aside.

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