Sporadic Book Haul #1


Hello fellow bloggers, readers, writers, and avid book lovers. Today is a joyous day indeed. Today I received four books I purchased off of amazon! I seriously adore, love, and treasure books and getting new books can make even the worst of days better. I don’t buy books that frequently (I’m a college student, I am forced to spend hundreds of dollars on  textbooks every semester that I don’t even want) but when I do buy them from now on I’m going to do a book haul!

Today marks the first…I want to say annual but it won’t be annual so…first sporadic book haul!

Check out my new little gems.

Update: Once I finish a book I’ll add a link to the review. Try clicking on the book covers to see if there is a review available.

Lost In Time By Melissa De La Cruz

Pride & Prejudice By Jane Austen

Across The Universe By Beth Revis

Firelight By Sophie Jordan

Be sure to stay tuned! I’m currently working on two different book challenges, the  100 Book Challenge by BBC and a Personal Book Challenge. These books will appear on those challenges and once I finish them I will post links to the reviews.  

Have you had any good book hauls lately, or have a suggestion of a book I should put on my challenge? Leave a comment below.

Happy Reading!

3 responses to “Sporadic Book Haul #1

  1. I just did the same thing! I bought a whole ton of used books off Half.com and I was super excited when they came in. I’ve been interested in reading Across the Universe so I’ll be looking out for your review when you get to it 🙂

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