Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

I started this book a few years ago when I was in high school and to be honest, I was too scared to finish it. This was right around the time when I read Twilight (this is a judgement free blog!), and lets just say I wasn’t prepared to read about vampires who actually killed people and didn’t sparkle in the sun. A year or two go by and I randomly find the movie on youtube (I didn’t even know they had made this a movie), and my biggest mistake was watching the movie before reading the rest of the book.

I decided to finally read this book in its entirety, but all I could think about while I was reading the book was Brad Pitt. I think I may have ruined a really great story because I saw the movie first. The novel at times would bore me because Anne Rice is so descriptive, which is extremely necessary in a book, but I was remembering scenes from the movie instead. My mind would wander back to the movie as I read the book, dragging out the read and making it feel more like a chore and less enjoyable. Lesson totally learned, read the book first, or if I’ve already seen the movie don’t even bother reading the book.

For the rest of the review, I’ll try and pretend like I didn’t see the movie prior to reading it. In that case, wow! What a great story. There were so many twists and turns to this novel and I honestly had no idea how it was going to end. I liked that Rice made this book a story within a story which added a unique dimension. Her characters and their growth, or lack there of in some circumstances, is captivating and compelling. For the most part, I could always connect with Louis on some level, and I understood his feelings towards the other vampires. Speaking of vampires, these suckers (pun intended) were really scary!

I know this is a pitiful review, but I’m having as much trouble talking about the book as I did reading it. This book has a great plot, distinguishable characters, intricate details, and Anne Rice has a remarkable imagination. I enjoyed the book, but because I’d already seen the movie it killed the elements of surprise and suspense that are required that make this novel the gem that it truly is.

3 responses to “Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

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  2. The Vampire Chronicles dovetail from here and are full of new characters and complex vampire mythology. The Volturii in Twilight are very much based upon some of the structures of Rice’s vamp mythology. Keep reading (and don’t watch that dreadful Queen of The Damned movie with Aaliyah, but do listen to the soundtrack).
    Would it effect your views on Interview to know that Rice was recovering from the death of her toddler daughter, from leukaemia, when she wrote it? xx

    • Unfortunately I’ve already seen Queen of The Damned but I had no idea about the death Rice was dealing with. I just don’t think it was my type of writing style. She’s an amazing author and story teller, but I have my personal preferences and right now she’s not it. Maybe when I’m older and wiser I’ll learn to appreciate the style of her writing more. My mom has read all of her books and she really liked them and we have similar tastes. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment!

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