It’s Going To Be A Good Day

The first thing I saw when I woke up today was a list of chores I’m expected to do. Needless to say that upset my mood a bit since I woke up with every intention of doing nothing and loving every second of it. I was a bit put off when I went into my room to grab my laptop and check my emails, but from there my whole day turned around.

My first email was from someone I didn’t know saying I’d won a book. Well at first I thought it was spam and I was a hairsbreadth away from putting it in my spam folder and deleting it but my curiosity got the best of me. This time curiosity prevailed, and I have indeed won a free book. I follow a blog called writemeg!  and I had completely forgotten that I entered a contest to win this book.  Normally when I enter contests I immediately forget that I entered because I never expect to win. Well, today is the day that I did win, and I am so happy! If there is anything I love more than a good book it is a good free book.

After calming down the excitement from my win I went on to look at the new blog posts and saw that just about everyone I’m following is obsessed with the new Great Gatsby movie coming out. I was totally unaware that they had remade the movie and after watching the trailer I couldn’t be more excited to see it. The Great Gatsby was a book I was forced to read in high school, but despite the manner in which it was read I ended up loving it! The movie we had to watch was okay, but I cannot wait to see what Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire bring to the new adaptation.

Check out WriteMeg! Her blog is really interesting and her book reviews are honest and informative, and you might just win a free book.

If you want to see The Great Gatsby trailer click here.

Update as of 5:26pm 5/23/2012: I just got an email saying I was accepted to the University I applied to. And most of my chores are done. BEST DAY EVER!


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