Like OMG That’s So YA

So I just joined this website called Goodreads and as far as I can tell its a pretty cool website all about books. Okay let me stop with the false nonchalant pretenses, this website is freaking amazing.  It helps you categorize your favorite books and recommends books you might like based on your previous preferences. Sweet right?! Anyways, as I’m shifting through thousands of books I noticed a few things.

1. I haven’t actually read that many books…and this must change.

2. I don’t read or have an interest in diverse genres

3. I’m a total YA fanatic…

Number 3 is the one that scares me the most. I just might be, a Young Adult book lover. This is painfully obvious now as I scan my personal book shelf at home but…agh! I thought I was a more sophisticated reader than that! Don’t get me wrong, YA books are awesome (obviously), but I never thought of myself as a YA book reader. I think YA books and I immediately think of whiny teenage girls who complain about not having a boyfriend and fixing their hair every two seconds. Besides the complaining (not about a boyfriend) I personally don’t think I fit into that category very well. I also think of gullible when I think of YA novels, because most of the plots are exactly the same. Maybe I’m just uneducated in the world of YA literature and maybe one day I’ll proudly claim to be an avid YA reader, but today is just not that day. Hopefully with the help of my 100 Book Challenge list and my Personal Book Challenge list I’ll be able to branch out and actually read new genres.

It’s not like I’ve never read anything outside of the YA genre before, because trust me I have. When categorizing my genre’s on goodreads I also realized I love dragons, Philippa Gregory, historical fiction, science fiction, vampires (don’t roll your eyes), angels, demons, classic love stories, war stories, so on and so on. See, I’m not just some teenage girl who…okay I can’t even say that without lying to myself. Do I like YA, yes very much. Am I going to stop reading it? Definitely not. Will I branch out and read new genres. Abso-freakin-lutely.

4 responses to “Like OMG That’s So YA

  1. So glad you found Goodreads. The challenges really help to keep you motivated and the reviews are a great way to see if something’s worth reading. Good luck on your 100 book Challange!

    • Hey Thanks! I love goodreads and you’re so right about the reviews. Books can be so misleading by their covers if everyone hated it. It’s a good place to keep all my books organized too, instead of having a to-read list in my head.

  2. Thanks for the follow! I’m pretty much obsessed with Goodreads… I have to say, once you join, it’s somewhat addicting! I also found a lot of awesome YA books through Goodreads too, and I never knew I liked them!

    • No problem! I’m obsessed with it already! Once I joined and started looking through books I realized all I really liked was YA books. It’s like a guilty pleasure.

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