Bloody Valentine is Nicer Than It Sounds

Bloody ValentineMelissa De La Cruz is widely known as the author of the Blue Bloods (BB) Series about witty, well off teenage vampires who are trying to keep the balance between good and evil while trying to find and understand love. Bloody Valentine isn’t exactly a novella, but a mix of three short stories that spun off of the Blue Bloods Series.

I haven’t read a Blue Bloods book in two or three years and in this case I think it is best to read the first five novels in the series before reading Bloody Valentine, which picks up right where Misguided Angel (the fifth BB book) left off. Thankfully, I have what I would call an above average memory, and I was able to remember most of the story from the previous novels as Bloody Valentine went on.

Bloody Valentine begins with Oliver, who was Schuyler’s human familiar. Being a vampires human familiar can be all fine and dandy unless your vampire leaves you, in which case your blood is poisoned and the pain of their loss is only intensified. As Oliver finds out the only way to cure his blood and his heartache is to stop loving Schuyler, and with the help of a friendly witch he is able to move on without forgetting or regretting the friendship that will forever bond him and Schuyler. This section of Bloody Valentine ended pretty abruptly (actually now that I think about it they all ended abruptly) and I was waiting for Cruz to go back and finish his story, but as the book went on I realized that was the full extent of Oliver’s tale. If you’re a true fan of Oliver you’ll appreciate this part of the book and who knows, maybe it will come up in future BB books.

After Oliver’s story comes Allegra’s, Schuyler’s mother. This short story goes back to when Allegra was a teenager in high school and how Allegra met Schuyler’s father. It was a cute high school sweetheart, perfect couple story, until it ended. To say the ending threw me off is an understatement. Cruz ends this section of Bloody Valentine by leaving the reader with the impression that Allegra chooses to stay with her ‘twin brother’ (it’s not incest I promise) and never speak to Ben (Schuyler’s would be father) ever again. Okay, so if that was really the case, how was Schuyler born? Allegra obviously goes back to Ben, so I guess Cruz is saving that part of the story for another time.

The last story in this book was my favorite, and perhaps that has something to do with the fact that it is a story about Schuyler and Jack, the main characters of the BB series. When I first heard about Bloody Valentine, I admittedly only wanted it so I could find out what happened with Jack and Schuyler before I had to wait for the next BB book to come out (which is out by the way, I’m just a little behind). This story did not disappoint. The love between Jack and Schuyler is almost palpable through the pages and reading about their bonding made me swoon. I’m so happy for these characters and even though, all who attended the bonding are about to face impending doom in the next novel, Cruz wrote it in a way that you just don’t care. All that mattered was their love for each other, no matter how short lived their happiness would be.

Do I wish the stories were longer? Yes, but that just proves that Cruz has already set an amazing foundation for her characters and that I’m actually engrossed in their lives and their stories. Hopefully more of my questions have been answered in Lost In Time (novel six of BB series). Guess I should add it to my reading list!

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