What Will Become Of Us

He loves me now he loved me then

He never loved me and never again

A mistake was made I take it back

From whence the pardon I do lack

Apologies strewn and flung about

It’s loud as we scream and constantly shout

I’m flung about to and fro

I’d never consider us friend and foe

I pray to earnest he does good

Like God above knows he should

Till death till now till time again

He never loved me now or then

I sit here bruised drowned by defeat

Like a rock has been bound to my feet

I’m sinking faster further down

And here he saves me with a frown

He did not want to let me go

And only time will truly show

If he loves me now and then

What will become of us in the end

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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