What Feelings Prove

These feelings just prove that I love you

That as you lay there loving her I lay here loving you

Don’t feel bad or guilty Don’t pity me or feel sorry for me

Somewhere deep down I’m happy for you, for both of you

But somewhere closer to the surface, I’ll try to keep the hate from spilling over the dam I’ve built

I loved you before she knew you before she knew how wonderful you are

Before she knew you, I knew you

I knew you were the one for me before I saw us together in my dreams

I guess this is one dream I’ll never see come true

But I’ll hold onto that dream like a memory and hold it like a life saver

Because I’m drowning in this world without you, gasping for air with every breath I take

A broken heart is a consolation prize compared to a broken soul

Well now I have both Each time I see you together I feel a piece of myself break off

I hold my breath as that little piece of me vanishes into the abyss of myself

And my ragged breath brings me back to reality, my reality without you

I’ve never been physically stabbed but I don’t think I’ll ever have to be to know that

No physical pain could ever top this

Broken bones heal, broken souls lie in broken pieces forever

Perhaps someday, someone will come along with some Elmers glue and Scotch tape to fix me up

But on a hot summer’s day, I’ll just peel apart again right at the seems

I’ll break all over at the mere thought of you, that familiar smell of you, carried to me by the breeze, will be torture enough

I won’t even have to see you, or her, or you with her to feel the pain

All I’ll ever have to do is hear your name

And these feelings just prove that I love you. 

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