The Dragon

It’s every time you say her name

It’s every time I see a picture of you two together

It’s every time I’m not invited

It’s every time I’m left out

It’s every time you put them first

It’s a burn that begins in the pit of my stomach

It crawls up into my lungs

It settles there waiting, warm, slowly, steadily scorching

It chars from the inside out

Once it’s ignited it grows and spreads doubt

It makes my heart beat smolder

The blood pumps like fire through my veins

The blood drains from my face to go feed the demon inside

And inside he’ll wait and bide his time

It fuels me up, letting the fire smolder there

Never given enough oxygen to burn in the open air

It stays inside, it’s there I keep

The fire within that refuses to sleep

It keeps me awake pushing me on

It forces the real me to become strong

Just hope for your sake you’ll never see

The fire breathing demon

Waiting, patiently inside of me

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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