Randy Jackson’s t.v. show America’s Best Dance Crew is beginning to live up to that standard of reality television. I’ve never really noticed in previous seasons how staged the show is but this year it’s annoyingly obvious. That may be because I follow all of the members of MosWantedCrew on twitter and facebook and I’m watching the show more closely, looking for staging.

In the opening week of the show MosWantedCrew (MWC) clearly killed all of the competition and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were going to take the win on ABDC 7. After that though, they seemed to go downhill. The judges got harsher, they started messing up on stage, and to the audience it looked like they were starting to give up. I call blasphemy! I have watched these guys on youtube for YEARS, taken class from a few of them, and I’m always blown away by their talent. I think the only true representation they’ve had on ABDC was during the first week. The guys admit that the shows producers or editors picked bad footage and as an audience who are we to know where the footage is coming from. For all I know, the footage of Brian falling could have been footage from a rehearsal and not the actual performance. I’ve never questioned the integrity of a t.v. show before but after last nights ‘shocking’ save I feel like I have no choice but to question it. I don’t know how many other viewers noticed that there was a totally random double elimination in the first few weeks, and how now there was a miraculous save! Really…?

All I wish is that there could be a t.v. show that was just about the dancing. Stop with all the theatrics and the challenges and the drama of eliminations or saves and just let the competitors do what they do best. If the producers of the show can’t find an audience to watch based sole talent of crews alone, then they have the wrong talent.  If dancers are watching the show, they understand how a competition works and I’m sure most of the audience have even been in competitions ourselves. Stop trying to make it look so overdone, I think the show could improve immensely if you left it to the basics. Crews battling crews. End of discussion.

As for MWC, I am so proud of these guys. I personally think that ABDC is putting them down and only showing certain footage to weaken them because they are (choreography wise) so ridiculously better than the other crews on the show. If a simple 2 minute youtube video can melt my brain, it doesn’t make any sense that they should look this bad. If you go frame by frame, their formations are tight, transitions are smooth, and their choreography is mind numbing. The only thing that has changed is who is recording the performance and editing it.

A personal message to MosWantedCrew: You see what real challenges lie before you now. You have no control over staging, or what footage is shown. Do what you know you can do and freakin kill it, take no prisoners. If you do that, there is no way that the show can make you look bad.

Some readers may think this is harsh or biased, and in a way it is. I love all the crews of this season, but I’ve been a MWC fan from day one. If I were as big of a fan for any other crew I would’ve written the same thing because it holds true for all of them. ABDC is in control, all the crews can do now is dance and hope they get presented in the light they want, not the way someone else chose.


My thoughts are strictly my own. I am not trying to cause any trouble for MosWantedCrew or ABDC. I love the show and I love the crew. I watch and support every week and this is just my opinion and advice. 

3 responses to “MDub Army VS ABDC

  1. I think your feelings for Mos Wanted Crew are getting the best of you, you are looking for excuses why they are not doing as good as you would like. To begin with you say you have been watching Mos Wanted Crew videos for years, well Mos Wanted Crew has was put together at the end of 2010. I can assure you that Brian falling actually happened during the live taping in front of the judges. You are reaching for excuses, in the rehersals the crews do not perform in front of the judges and they are not dresses in their performing outfits.

    Tell me how many videos have you seen on YouTube that all the members are in it? The ones I have seen may only have 1 or 2 or maybe up to 4 but I do not recall seeing any with all members in it! Also Ian Eastwood was not a member before they made it to ABDC 7, it seems like they added him to maybe help with the “youth” votes?

    Prior to the ABDC 7 auditions Mos Wanted had performed only twice as a crew, WOD / Los Angeles and WOD / Hawaii, and when they auditioned for ABDC 6 they admitted that when they auditioned that it was their first time performing together as a crew!!

    Dance crews have an interesting dynamic, you can not always put a bunch of all stars on a crew and expect them to do well, some crews that were put together prior to getting on ABDC jelled real quickly and did well, others not so well. Crews that have been together for years, have confidence in each other and it shows, they are truly a family and support one another! And they perform as a crew better!

    I am sorry but your obvious bias, leads me to discount all theories and suggestions, if you are going to write your opinions you should look at the crews objectively and unbiased! Clearly Mos Wanted Crew has faltered when challenged to do things out of their comfort zone.

    • I agree with you and everything you said. In my post I admitted to being biased, it’s a fact and I accept that. In my post I was vague when I said I’d been watching the crew for years when you are right they did start up in 2010 and just added Ian Eastwood. However, I have been watching the individual dancers and members of the crew for a long time.
      Crews aren’t perfect and they make mistakes which I acknowledge and accept. I know MosWantedCrew isn’t performing to the best of their abilities and I don’t blame all of that on ABDC. However, now that I realize how a reality show works, there is no way for me to know and to trust that what is shown on t.v. is the actual performance unless I can be present at every taping.
      You’re opinion is valid and I appreciate you spreading new light on the situation but I do stick by what I said in my earlier post.

    • Jess, I will admit I am bias and love MWC but you seem to have some “facts” wrong. So an objective perception of Mos Wanted Crew warranted this reply.

      1. It’s 2012, so years, meaning more than one, can apply since they were “put together at the end of 2010”. <—they actually started early 2011.

      2. MWC has actually had multiple performances together, more than 4. I urge you to go to their YouTube, MosWantedCrewTV. MWC actually toured with World of Dance and went to LA, NY, Hawaii, Chicago etc. Because they are all choreographers, their schedule is jam packed with touring to other countries so when they do perform they only have MAYBE two days free to rehearse and still look good as hell.

      3. Ian Eastwood actually performed with MWC in Chicago and lives with 2 members. MWC has and always will be his fam so it was no surprise that he was invited to be on ABDC with them,

      4.While the writer may be bias, I have to agree with her. Mistakes do happen but it is entirely up to the MTV editing crew that determines what America sees, and that is a fact.

      5. Your comments as a whole lead me to believe that you are a novice to the "dance world" and I do not hold that against you. I would just love for you to actually research what you are talking about before you proceed and make your comments public.

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