Lenobia’s Vow is Short and Sweet

You may know P.C. and Kristin Cast as the author’s of  The House Of Night Series and many of their other projects, but more recently they’ve begun releasing novellas based off of the HON books. The first novella released was Dragon’s Oath which I haven’t read and I’m not that extremely interested in. Lenobia however, was a character that I adored from the start. I loved that her affinity had to do with horses (animals just pull at my heartstrings) and I love the fact that she is a total bad ass when it comes to helping Zoey.

Lenobia's VowDon’t feel like you have to read all 9 of the current HON books in order to understand what is going on in Lenobia’s Vow. This book takes the reader back to the year 1788 where as the HON books are written as present day 2000 something.

The first few chapters of this book were a little confusing, but I think that’s because I’m so used to the HON style and I’m used to knowing immediately who all the characters are and what’s going on but once I got my bearings the book was rather enjoyable. It is an extremely quick read and if you want something that isn’t that thought provoking or just a little snippet into a characters background then you’ll enjoy this book. I also think the fact that I know Lenobia’s character role in the HON books helps me to appreciate her background story and it will be refreshing to go back to the series armed with this knowledge about her. Until the last chapter this book is very different from the House of Night books which are all about vampires, drama, power struggles, good versus evil, and all out war. Lenobia’s Vow is a simple human love story about a girl trying to find a better life in America, and the majority of the book takes place on the ship that brings Lenobia from France to New Orleans. The book demonstrates the struggles of being a bastard child and the harsh reality of racial inequality and ignorance that was prevalent during that time. Spaced sporadically about the book are hints at magic or unexplained powers and also of the Goddess Nyx, which are subtle enough that only an avid HON fan would notice.

For what it is I am very pleased with the book. It was relaxing to read and I would recommend it to any House of Night fan who has a few hours to spare or who wants a little background info on an important secondary character. But please, P.C. and Kristin Cast, stop writing so many novellas and finish the series!!! I hate waiting a whole YEAR for the next release of a House Of Night novel. Write the novellas after you’ve finished the series, that’s when I’ll miss it and actually want to read all of the novellas. Don’t get me wrong you guys are amazing, but seriously…series > novella.

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