Just a Dream

I’ve landed in an unknown place

My heart’s on a string as I’m forced to chase

My dreams around my head and back

From night to dawn I know I lack

Sleep as I begin to toss and turn

My mind and heart both seem to yearn

For you and us to live for real

So we can both start to feel

This amazing thing I keep inside

My head my mind where I’m forced to hide

My life’s true worth I may never find

Without you here to guide me by

I’ll wave at those moments and say hi

As they speed past me like a bus

I’ll know it’s you I need to trust

With my heart and with my soul

It’s all yours now so here’s the goal

Keep me always safe from harm

You could start by holding me in your arms

Forever and ever don’t let go

We both know I could never say no

But until my dreams become real

Me in your arms, I’ll never really feel

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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