It’s Just A Test

This life’s a dream but I’m living proof

That some dreams are better off left unsaid

Left in the dust and matter of your mind

Climbing hiding out of sight

Finders keepers for the win

But winners always lose in the end

I loved and lost and lost again

And sadly that’s where the dream ends

Then life began and I awoke

And from my heart I then spoke

Of truth and pain I shed a tear

Left of reality so now I fear

To hold onto things that are so dear

And then I look into the shallow mirror

I realize I’m alone and I’m okay

I keep on living for another day

I dream some more and hurt less

Knowing always it’s just a test

Of strength and courage I knew not

But above all my imagination never rests

Because this is a dream

The worst of the worst

But in so many ways the best of the best

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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