The Power of The Dance

In the beginning, Boomkat walked the Earth alone and in silence. He journeyed to many different places, and along the way he made little trinkets for his amusement. He made wind to keep him cool, water to drink and flow, earth to support his feet, lightning to electrify, and fire to dance. Over many centuries he grew bored of these things that had once been novelties. Boomkat searched high and low for something to entertain him and to bide his time, but was unsuccessful. He sat upon a rather flat piece of earth one day and became inspired by the elements. He pondered what the elements would look and act like if they were personified. So Boomkat breathed life into his beloved elements and watched them grow. Wind seemed to glide across the floor while water flowed in every motion. Earth was more grounded and used the world as his playground, flipping and spinning, defying gravity. Lightning and fire always inspired each other to be better, which is why fire can be produced from lightning, and together they were unstoppable. When they were together they danced in perfect harmony, but each possessed their own unique style. The more they danced, the more the world flourished. Boomkat sat back amused, and watched the world grow around him. Trees sprang from the ground, and animals came, things bloomed, and nature’s music began to play. Boomkat tried to separate the elements to see if he could create trinkets specific to the element, but it was not so. The elements had to work as one, and when they were in perfect harmony, they replicated and created a new being. Not quite wind, not quite fire or water, but a combination of all the elements. That’s why today we have a little fire always burning inside us, an electrifying presence in a crowd, the flow of water, the free spirit of air, and the grounded qualities of earth. The elements danced again and again and the world got louder, but only when they were in perfect harmony, could we come into being.

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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