Write a paragraph using words with one syllable. Oh yeah sure…no prob. =P

Dancing is not just how you move; it is a show of your soul. I wish they could know that so they would not think but just feel. Dance can say more than words ever could. We dance for life, we dance for death, but all that should be seen is the dance not the step. Dance is an art and we have much to learn from it. If we could live our lives the way we dance it could change the world. The way you see me, and I see you, would be new. To learn this art some may have to be wise with age, while some have a knack from the very first day.  I set my soul free when I dance and use it as a tool to grow with those near me. I feel free and alive as I glide side to side on the stage. Dance is now more than it was in the past. They did dance to dance but now we dance to be free. We dance to spread hope and dance to bring peace. Dance should move more than your arms and legs; it should move all parts of your being. A dance is a speech that lacks words. It tells a story that will last with all who see it till the end of time. A dance can give you a front row seat to their lives. It is our job to see what they try to share with us. Wise or young, old or new, to dance is to live so start now and live true.

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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