Hi. My name is Sasha and I’m a Nerd.

You know that extremely excited feeling you get when something, oh I don’t know, extremely exciting happens? Well I just got it. My stomach felt like all the knots in it had come unhinged, my chest was squeezing itself so tightly that I couldn’t contain my manic laughter. It was hard to breath and my shoulders were shaking as if I had been sobbing for hours. My mind was racing a million miles a minute trying to compute the information that was soaring about inside my head. After this dramatic buildup would it be anticlimactic of me to admit that all these physical outbursts of emotion were occurring for the sole purpose that I had finished a really great book?

I always knew I was a nerd at heart but writing it down finally makes it painfully real. Normally after I finish a book, if it isn’t a saga or sequel, I’m a little depressed (again with admitting my nerdiness!) or I come to peace with the outcome of the book. But this book was different. The first three books were pretty good. They had a confusing storyline that you just wanted to keep reading so you’d be less confused but reading more just made you more confused for some reason…see confusing! They had the typical love triangles and tragic deaths and vampire secrets and a few really great twists. But this last book….oh…em…gee. I did not see ANY OF THIS COMING. Normally I’m pretty good at knowing how a book is going to pan out; apparently my imagination works the same way as 60% of the authors out there, but this book BLEW MY MIND. After page 200, ish, I could not believe what was unfolding right in front of my face! Every chapter was like a missed step on the stairs or off a curb, it made you lose the sense that you had a stomach for a few seconds, and then you recovered long enough to read on only to have the same sensation repeated over and over until the last three chapters just tore your lungs out and held you captive, not allowing you to breath until you finished the book. Even once I finished I was so shocked I didn’t even understand that the book was over. I kept turning the pages looking for the rest of it! I wasn’t so into the series before, but now I’ll definitely be ticking down the days until the next book comes out. The first words out of my mouth after I finished the book was, “That…this…the writer must’ve drank so writing juice or something because…(stares at book in awe)…”. Then I go on a misguided tangent about who knows what until my dad finally ceases the flow of babble about the book by saying, “I think you need to take a chill pill.” Haha thank you dad for always knowing what to say and when to say it. So instead of taking said chill pill, I took a writing pill and have now alerted the World Wide Web to my nerdy ways. Watch out America, I’m an avid reader!

Ps. No wonder I always got along with my English teachers. =]

Inquiring minds want to know...what do you think?

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