I’d like to shed some light on my current situation. On any normal day I would be thrilled that the scene outside my window is that of Forks from Twilight, except the temperature here is still in the 90’s even though it is pouring rain. On any normal day that fact would make me extremely happy, but it is not a normal day. Today is the public opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Where am I? At home, watching it rain, writing this. However, I happily purchased my annual pass for Universal today and can pick it up and go to the park whenever I please, except for the blackout days which are so inconveniently placed on my birthday. -_- Awesome. The thing that makes this day even better (can you taste the sarcasm?) is that my ‘Bestie’ has been at the GRAND opening all day and has been texting me about how awesome it is. Sarcasm aside, I am so thankful I have a friend at the park today because right now, I am so totally living through her. I will admit that I have never watched the local news so much in my live; what with every station having different interviews of the cast and different videos of the attraction. I’ve been glued to my TV all week just to see someone have a sip of Butterbeer (which I am dying to taste). I can’t wait to write another post all about how awesome The Wizarding World really is. Sigh…Until next time…


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